C4CA is pleased that the Ontario Government has made the right decision not to allow the proposed power plant to proceed.  Power requirements are important, but that is just one of the reasons not to have this plant go forward.  Ontario’s decision is correct for many good reasons, as the Premier clearly indicated.  It is important to ensure that proper planning principles are followed and that plants are not built in locations, such as Oakville, that affect the health and safety of people.

TransCanada, the owner and operator of the proposed plant has indicated that work has been “suspended” in reference to the development work on the plant and that the review of the Environmental Review Report and Supporting Documents is being “discontinued at this time”.

C4CA and our members must continue to be vigilant.  We do not consider our work complete. The health and safety of Oakville and other Ontario communities remains of paramount concern to us. Pending an upcoming membership meeting, we expect that some of the following priorities will become major themes as we move forward.  

Over the next several weeks C4CA will work towards articulating our action plans in more detail so that they can be presented at a town hall meeting and by email.

Please continue to stay in touch & reach out to your neighbours & ask them to become members as well. Membership is free & can be activated within minutes on our website where you can also keep up to date on our activities….http://www.c4ca.org. Together we are stronger.

C4CA-the NEXT phase:

1The Ontario Government brought in buffer zones for green energy wind farms. It must consider this for other energy projects.  This requires working with MPP Kevin Flynn to have his Private Members Bill 8 or equivalent legislation/regulation enshrined in law. Making Bill 8 a reality will help to address health and safety concerns in communities across Ontario and will ensure that other Ontario communities do not experience the same anguish that our community experienced starting September 29, 2009 when the Oakville Generating Station was announced and ending October 7, 2010 when the Government reversed that decision essentially.

2We will endeavour to support the Town of Oakville as it defends its critical By-Laws at the upcoming Ontario Supreme Court and Ontario Municipal Board hearings. Our encouragement is needed to preserve necessary and appropriate setbacks from rail lines, lot severance and lot coverage; as well as responding to TransCanada’s legal challenges to the City’s By-Laws on PM2.5 emissions and planning and zoning amendments for power generation facilities. Oakville’s efforts to ensure that proper planning process and principles are used is very important.

3We must lobby hard to ensure that the 32 recommendations set out in the Report are implemented to help RESPOND TO our overtaxed air-shed. We will work hard with MPP Charles Soussa and the Mississauga and Oakville Residents’ Associations to accomplish this goal. In addition, the OPA announced a budget of $30 million in order to help clean up the Oakville/Clarkson air-shed. We feel there is an opportunity to provide feedback on the use of these funds.

4A good neighbour for over 50 years, Ford has an opportunity to be a great neighbour and heal some of the anguish that this community has experienced over the past year by donating this surplus land to the community and/or providing us with assurance that this land will not be developed.

5Based on our experiences over the past year, C4CA believes there is an opportunity to work with the Ministry of Energy to improve the process of sighting large power plants safely in Ontario. We will also provide input to Minister Duguid’s new Energy/Power Plan for Ontario.

In addition, C4CA worked hard to obtain access to information about the proposed power plant from various government agencies. We will continue to follow up on the many Freedom of Information requests that we made in order to complete our understanding of the process that led to the OGS decision which we hope will benefit others in the future.