santa-readingDear Santa

C4CA’s wish list for 2011

  • Please bring every C4CA supporter, large and small, cleaner air to breathe in the coming years
  • Please bring every Ontarian the health and safety protection that establishing buffer zones on gas-fired power plants would provide
  • Please bring the Town of Oakville the strength to push forward with their Health Protection on Air Quality bylaw thus setting the pace for the rest of the province
  • Please bring the Province of Ontario the vision and leadership to take Oakville’s bylaw and strengthen it by making it a provincial mandate
  • Please be sure to leave a note for everyone, but particularly our governments, that conservation should be part of the long term energy plan for this country
  • Please bring C4CA’s local detractors the courage to represent what is best for the health of residents of the town of Oakville, and please grant them the wisdom to understand that what is good for the environment can be good for business
  • Please bring all of the C4CA members the energy and spirit to continue to be a catalyst for change in this community and in this province

Santa, please invite everyone to join us at 7pm on Tuesday January 11th (John Knox Christian School,  2232 Sheridan Garden Drive, just off of Ford Drive) for a C4CA community Town Hall meeting. On the Agenda, a review of the C4CA objectives and plans as we start the new year.

Thank you Santa. Wishing you and yours cheer and laughter at this special time of year.

Lots of love,

Citizens for Clean Air