C4CA Press Releases

September 26, 2011, 2011 – Oakville, ON – The province's political leaders must commit to legislation governing the placement of power plants to protect the health and safety of communities across Ontario, the community group Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) said today.

"Ontario needs to establish a clear process for the placement of gas power plants, one that involves local communities as well as energy sector experts," says Frank Clegg, C4CA Chairman. "Power plants don't belong anywhere near homes, schools, hospitals or day care centres. We are asking the leaders of all parties to make a public commitment to establish a framework in law to ensure that the concerns of residents will be respected following the election on October 6."

The Liberal Party of Ontario announced Saturday that a proposed gas-fired plant in Mississauga would not go forward at its current location. "We support the Liberal Party's decision to stop the building of the Greenfield plant in Mississauga," Clegg added. "In this case, as with Oakville, the concerns of the community were heard. But legislation and a substantive reengineering of the procurement process is the only thing that will provide certainty for communities and a level playing field for developers in the future."