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OAKVILLE, ON – October 3, 2011 – The majority of Oakville candidates support regulation to ensure natural gas power plants are built a safe distance from homes and schools and will follow through on an air quality pilot project announced by the Minister of the Environment ahead of the election, a poll by Citizens For Clean Air (C4CA) has found. Candidates from all parties in five Mississauga ridings were also asked for a promise to complete the air quality pilot project announced on August 17 for the Oakville-Clarkson Air Shed. Charles Sousa (Liberal) Mississauga South, Zoran Churchin (PC) Mississauga East-Cooksville, Raed Ayad (NDP) Mississauga-Streetsville and Scott Warner of the Green party all provided strong statements of personal support, but the majority of Mississauga candidates (11 of 15) did not respond.

Oakville candidates were asked whether they would personally support the development of a binding provincial policy that ensures future natural gas power plants are not built near established neighbourhoods. Liberal Candidate Kevin Flynn expressed strong support for both the power plant policy and the air quality project previously announced for Oakville. PC candidate Larry Scott also responded positively. Lesley Sprague of the NDP offered general words of support but stopped short of making a definitive commitment. The Green Party committed to both power plant siting policies and implementation of the air quality pilot project in the Oakville-Clarkson Air Shed.

“We want elected representatives who will ensure natural gas power plants won’t be built near schools and neighbourhoods, and that real action will be taken to improve our air quality,” said Frank Clegg. “We have received clear commitments from three of the four parties represented in the race for the Oakville seat in Provincial Parliament. Rest assured, C4CA and other citizen groups will hold whoever is elected accountable to meet their commitments.”

"Improving our air quality is extremely important for the long term health of everyone living in the Oakville-Clarkson Air Shed," adds Clegg. "I would urge all voters to find out where the candidates stand on this important issue so they can make an informed choice on October 6th."

A tabulation of the Oakville and Mississauga candidates’ responses together with the comments and explanations they provided is available here.

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Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) is a non partisan, non-profit organization representing a broad coalition of concerned citizens committed to improving air quality in South Western Ontario and to safety buffer zones around natural gas power plants.

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