Oakville and Haldimand County want to make power plant trade


The mayors of Haldimand County and Oakville have proposed an alternative site for a 975-megawatt gas power plant set to be built near the Ford plant.


They want to put the plant in Haldimand instead of Oakville.


Mayor Marie Trainer said her community desperately needs it since the Nanticoke coal plant is set to close by 2015, taking 600 jobs and $3-million in tax revenue with it.


"We could not survive without that plant," Trainer said.


Acting premier Kathleen Wynne said the government will work with the community but she's doesn't sound too supportive of a location switch.


"We understand that there is a bigger picture here. We need to increase the power for this area," Wynne said.


The mayors said the Haldimand site makes sense. It would be 4,500 acres with a three-kilometre buffer zone versus about 13.5 acres and within a kilometre of schools and houses.


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