C4CA has a powerful new message that we’d like you to share with your neighbours and, equally important, your friends and relatives all over Ontario.

Please go to .

Watch the very short video “Accidents” and then either email the link to people you know OR “share” it through YouTube. Or simply post it on your Facebook site, tweet about it and don’t forget to Digg it!

We hope this message encourages everyone to call, email, write or fax Premier Dalton McGuinty and ask him for an Individual Environmental Assessment of the proposed Oakville gas-fired power plant.

Thank you for doing your part to stop the power plant!!!

CALL Dalton McGuinty at 416.325.1941

WRITE Dalton McGuinty at Legislative Building, Queen's Park, Toronto ON M7A 1A1.

eMAIL Dalton McGuinty through his Web site form

FAX Dalton McGuinty at 416.325.3745


Write your own message or tell him this:
Premier McGuinty, please tell your Environment Minister, John Gerretsen, to order an Individual Environmental Assessment, including an evaluation of alternatives such as Nanticoke, for the proposed Oakville Generating Station project. Oakville and Mississauga families deserve this measure of protection. Please do it now.