Toronto Star Article: "Province sued over gas-fired power plant plan in King"

Excerpt: "A coalition of farmers, residents and green activists are suing the provincial government for shoving through a gas-fired power plant next to the Holland Marsh." Click to read more.


Oakville Beaver Editorial: Voters have power

Excerpt: "Premier Dalton McGuinty has reversed his government’s position on two controversial policies in recent weeks, an indication Ontario Liberals actually care about, and respond to, the concerns of taxpayers." Click here to read more.


Oakville Beaver Article: Ontario Green Party supports C4CA

Excerpt: "The Oakville Generating Station has been advertised as a clean energy facility, but for Ontario’s Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner it’s not clean enough to justify where the government wants to put it." Click here to read more.



C4CA News Release: Task Force Confirms Oakville-Clarkson Airshed has Reached its Limit

Excerpt: "A report commissioned by Premier Dalton McGuinty concerning air quality in the Oakville-Clarkson airshed (OCA) has found that the air quality is “taxed” and no new major sources of pollution should be allowed unless there is a corresponding plan to offset the key air contaminants." Click here to read more.    



Global News Focus Ontario Video: "Where's the power?"

Please click here to view a video about the debate for the need for power. C4CA Chairman and Director Frank Clegg debates with TransCanada's Chris Breen about placing the natural gas power plant close to homes and schools. Link:


InsideHalton Article: Air Task Force Releases Report


Excerpt: "The South West GTA Air Quality Task Force has recommended that no new major sources of pollution be developed in the already taxed Oakville-Clarkson Airshed." Click here to read the rest of the article.


Click here to read the Air Quality Task Force report.





Summer 2010 Newsletter

Please click here to view the C4CA Summer 2010 newsletter. In it you will find the latest news and information about upcoming events.



InsideHalton Article: TransCanada files challenge against air quality bylaw

Excerpt: "TransCanada Energy has launched a court challenge of an Oakville bylaw it claims is vague, unreasonable and “enacted in bad faith for the improper purpose of preventing, delaying or frustrating the construction and operation of the Oakville Generating Station.” Clickhere to read more.




Interview with Mayor Rob Burton about Nanticoke

Excerpt: "Oakville Mayor Rob Burton is fine with the idea of Nanticoke taking the proposed power plant that is being pushed forward by the Ontario Power Association." Click here to read more.


InsideHalton Guest Column (Doug MacKenzie): Questions still persist about Oakville gas power plant

Excerpt: Questions continue to arise regarding the process by which TransCanada Energy Ltd. was awarded the contract by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to build and operate a 900-megawatt plant on a small site in Oakville. Click here to read more.


Queen's Park News Conference 

Mayors from Oakville and Halimand County gathered at Queen's Park on June 1st to ask the province to consider moving the gas-fired power plant planned for the Mississauga/Oakville border out of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and into Nanticoke. Click on the link to view the story.


Oakville Beaver: Mayors pitch Nanticoke as better site


The Toronto Star: Nanticoke offers to host Oakville’s power plant


680 News: Oakville and Haldimand County want to make power plant trade Gas plant finds willing host


USA Today and India Times content pages posted a link to the article "Gas plant finds willing host".


MIRANET YouTube video in the POWER PLANT battle: Why Not Nanticoke?

 {qtube vid:=exkk-I9YGDI w:=400}


The Nanticoke Solution is a win-win for residents of the Clarkson-Oakville Airshed and Haldimand County, Ontario ... Why NOT Nanticoke?


Kevin Flynn's Open Letter to TransCanada

Excerpt "Dear Mr. Kisvle, Since the announcement by the Ontario Power Authority in September 2009 that TransCanada had been selected to build an over 900 megawatt natural gas plant on Ford of Canada property in Oakville community groups and concerned citizens from Oakville and Mississauga and politicians from all levels of government have expressed their outrage at such an offensive choice and have come together to ensure this plant is not built." Click here to read the entire letter.


The Hamilton Spectator: "Haldimand wants gas plant" 

Excerpt: "The mayors of Mississauga, Oakville and Haldimand County have joined forces to lobby the Liberal government to support a plan to build a natural gas power plant in rural Haldimand instead of a controversial scheme to establish one in Oakville." Click here to read the entire article.


C4CA Takes Gas Plant Concerns to Ford

Oakville, May 17, 2010 —Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) invites media and residents of Oakville and surrounding areas to attend the March on Ford on Wednesday, May 19 from 3:45 to 5:00 p.m. at the Kingsford Garden Plots (East of Ford Drive at Kingsway/Sherwood Heights Drive) in Oakville.


Ford has entered into a transaction with TransCanada to sell a small 15 acre parcel of land to enable the construction of a 975MW gas fired power plant next to the Oakville Ford plant. This power plant would be the largest natural gas fired plant in Canada on the smallest parcel of land and closer to the people who live nearby than any other facility of its kind in Canada.


People are invited to join the walk on May 19 as we make a formal request of Ford to ... “do the right thing”. “Doing the right thing” means actively supporting the call for a proper individual environmental assessment of the proposed Oakville Generating Plant, which could include the evaluation of alternatives sites, such as Nanticoke.


When: Wednesday, May 19, 3:45 to 5:00 p.m.

Where: Kingsford Garden Plots
           East of Ford Drive at Kingsway/Sherwood Heights Drive
           Oakville, ON


National Post Article written by Doug MacKenzie: "Gas power plant needs buffer zone"

Doug MacKenzie's essay on why Ontario needs buffer zones between people and gas-fired power plants was published in the National Post on May 11, 2010.


Excerpt: "The Province of Ontario recently announced $8-billion in wind and solar power projects, proclaiming Ontario a "global green energy leader." But as we clamour to replace dirty coal with renewable sources of clean energy, let's not lose sight of the fact that large natural gas-fired power plants are being built across the GTA to provide electricity when the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine."


Read more:


Mayors' Letter: "A win-win solution for all Ontarians"

Mayor Rob Burton (Oakville), Mayor Hazel McCallion (Mississauga), and Mayor Marie Trainer (Haldimand County) sent a joint letter entitled "A win-win-win solution for all Ontarians" to Ontario Energy and Infrastructure Minister Brad Duguid on May 4, 2010.


Excerpt: "Minister, we are writing you in support of a proposed state-of-the art natural gas-fired electric generation facility in Haldiman County that will improve air quality, create jobs, and raise the quality of life for million of Ontarians." 


Click here to read the entire letter.



The Oakville Beaver: Town wants to hear where residents want a power plant
Excerpt: "Town staff is asking the public for opinion on a study to determine where in Oakville power plants can be located." Click here to read more.


Toronto Star Editorial: "Where's the Power Plan?" 

 Excerpt: "Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller raised an important question this week with his report on energy conservation: where is Ontario’s 20-year plan for meeting our electricity needs and what are the targets for renewable power and conservation?"  Click here to read the rest of the article.


Letter to the Editor Re: "Where's the Power Plan?"

The Star is right to highlight the Ontario Power Authority's lack of a comprehensive 20 year plan. Despite the lack of such a plan, the OPA is blindly and unconscionably proceeding down a path to spend over a billion dollars to build and operate Ontario's largest natural gas burning 975 MW power plant in an extremely dangerously unsuitable location 400 metres or less from homes, schools and workplaces in Oakville. The justification for this plant is based on outdated energy consumption estimates that even the Ontario government's own Independent Electricity System Operator says are questionable. This plant should not be built anywhere in Ontario until the demand is reassessed, alternatives are examined, and an independent environmental audit is undertaken to identify the health and safety risks. Such studies should be a required part of any OPA plan.   -written by M.F.

C4CA Response to TransCanada Draft Environmental Assessment

Excerpt: "As members of TransCanada Corp’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee, you are charged with responsibility for monitoring the health, safety, security and environmental practices and procedures of TransCanada and its subsidiaries. We note, and support, the high standards that TransCanada has set for itself, as stated in the Company’s 2009 Management Discussion and Analysis “The Company is committed to being an industry leader in conducting its business so that it meets or exceeds all applicable laws and regulations, and minimizes risk to people and the environment.” 


Please click on the link to view C4CA's response to TransCanada's Draft Environmental Assessment.


C4CA Letter to TransCanada


Message from C4CA: "C4CA Applauds All-Party Support for Power Plant Buffer Zones " 

Excerpt: "Citizens for Clean Air applauds all Ontario political parties for voting in favour of Bill 8, which would prohibit the construction of a natural gas power plant within 1,500 metres of land zoned residential or for a school, day nursery or health care facility." Click here to read more.


C4CA CommentCitizens for Clean Air applauds all Ontario political parties for voting in favour of Bill 8, which would prohibit the construction of a natural gas power plant within 1,500 metres of land zoned residential or for a school, day nursery or health care facility.

The Separation Distances for Natural Gas Power Plants Act, 2010, a Private Members Bill introduced by Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn, passed “second reading” on April 22, 28 votes to 1 with support from MPPs from all parties, including 15 Liberal MPPs.

While this was an important step in the legislative process, it does not mean the Bill will now become law. The next step is for the Bill to be studied by one of the legislature’s committees. Only after study by a committee, which will not take place until fall 2010 at the earliest, would the Bill return to the full legislature for a final vote and potentially become law.

While it is extremely rare for Private Member’s Bills to become law, this legislation has given C4CA an ideal platform to draw the attention of MPPs and the news media to the potential danger of siting a power plant so close to homes and schools. C4CA will continue to take advantage of every opportunity to highlight why the proposed Oakville Generating Station should not be built.


InsideHalton Guest Columnist, Terence Young: "The power of history"

Excerpt: "The proposed power plant is the biggest issue in Oakville. Having lived here 24 years, I believe it is the biggest issue in Oakville’s history. Led by the best organized and funded local interest group I have ever seen — Citizens for Clean Air — 2,000 Oakvillians recently dropped what they were doing to protest on the lawn of Queen’s Park. This is unprecedented and should have never been necessary." Click here to read more.


InsideHalton: "TCE start-up to be noisy" 

Excerpt: "Halton Hills Council granted Trans Canada Energy (TCE) a noise bylaw exemption recently so the company can start up equipment at its Steeles Ave. Halton Hills Generating Station." Click here to read the rest of the article.



Accidents can happen. Buffer zones are needed.


Kevin Flynn Private Member's Bill: Separation Distances for Natural Gas Power Plants


{qtube vid:=nJWHxiQMRSY w:=400} 


An Assessment of the Reliability and Operability of the Ontario Electricity System

The executive summary of the IESO 18-month Outlook succinctly discusses the current adequacy/surplus of electricity. Click here to view the summary.


InsideHalton Article: Air Quality Task Force forming strategy to reduce air pollution

Excerpt: "With its deadline fast approaching, a member of the Southwest GTA Air Quality Task Force says the group is making progress on an action plan that, if successful, will reduce air pollution throughout the area." Click here to read the article.  


National Post Article: Ontario's power trip: Priced out of the market

Excerpt: "As a former banker I have no direct expertise in the electrical sector. I was simply curious as to why my electricity bill in Ontario went up when my consumption went down. What I found as I researched is a bewildering story of a province whose electrical sector is in trouble. Ontario is a high-price energy province and, under current policy, it is poised for a further escalation in prices. In short, Ontario is pricing itself out of the market and will not have the ability to attract any manufacturers or service sector companies that require significant energy in their daily processing." 


Click here to read more.


Oakville Beaver Article: Halton Hills power plant demo occurs without incident

Excerpt: "TransCanada’s 683-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Halton Hills recently completed the same operation, without incident, that led to an explosion at a power plant in Middletown, Connecticut." Click here to read the rest of the article.

C4CA Comment: “It’s pathetic logic. People make mistakes and just because someone does something right once doesn’t mean someone else won’t do it wrong the next time and it’s not necessarily just that one particular process where they use nitrogen versus the other. There are all sorts of other things that can happen that can cause an explosion. Ask TransCanada how many pipeline explosions they’ve had in the last three years. There have been five that I’m aware of.” -Doug Mackenzie, President of C4CA


Upcoming Events

April 17-18 Halton Eco Fest at Glen Abbey Community Centre
April 22 Kevin Flynn's Private Bill Goes to 2nd Reading and is Debated in Legislation
April 22 (6:00-9:00PM) Earth Day Community Event at Town Hall
April 28 (2:00-9:00PM) Public Open House - Power Generation and Cogeneration Facilities
May 18 Workshop at City Hall (Re: Town's Study on the Planning Report regarding the ICB)
May 19 (starts at 3:45 PM) Ford Power Hour
May 20 Workshop at City Hall (Re: Town's Study on the Planning Report regarding the ICB)
May 31 Workshop at City Hall (Re: Town's Study on the Planning Report regarding the ICB)



Halton Eco Festival- C4CA will be there!

"Change begins with a Conversation” and we hope to have many conversations with visitors who want to learn more about the potential impact and alternatives to the proposed Oakville Generating Station.. Come by and visit us or volunteer some time to educate others at the Eco Festival on Saturday and Sunday April 17 and 18th at the Glen Abbey Rec Centre at Third line and Upper Middle.


This environmental fair has something for everyone who cares about the environment, their health and their community. It’s an environmental EXTRAVAGANZA with more than 9 sponsors and 70 exhibitors on the green marketplace floor, a silent auction, a Kids Eco Fun Area and educational workshops including a C4CA presentation about the proposed Oakville Generating Station starting at approximately 2 pm on Saturday.


For more information about the Halton Eco Festival, visit


If you can volunteer, contact Brenda Phelan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


C4CA Information Session 

Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) is holding an information session Wednesday, April 14 beginning at 7 p.m. at John Knox Christian School Gym, 2232 Sheridan Garden Drive, Oakville

There’ll be an update on C4CA activities and progress, an opportunity to ask questions and information about steps you can take to help stop a gas-fired power plant from being built near homes and schools.


The information session is an ideal way to introduce your friends and neighbours to C4CA and engage their interest – and their help! – in our campaign.

See you there!


Oakville Beaver Letter to the Editor: No safety guarantee

Excerpt: "Another day, another large industrial accident, resulting in death and destruction. This time it is the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia, resulting from a methane explosion. At time of writing, 25 are believed to have been killed." Click here to read more.


NEWSTALK 1010 "Live Drive with John Tory

 “The Oakville one is a total no-brainer to me, this proposed power plant is close to a school, close to a neighbourhood, I’m talking metres here, not miles, I mean really close, and it’s an area with a heavily strained air quality already. I say in that case ‘find somewhere else, safety first, not close to a school, not close to a residential neighbourhood.”- John Tory 


Click here to listen to his podcast via ITunes.  Click on the podcast that was released on 4/6/10.


The Toronto Star Opinion Article: Re:Is Oakville gas power plant too close to its neighbours "Conservation should come first"  

Doug McKenzie is right to question the McGuinty government's plan to build a gas plant in an already over-polluted residential area. Before spending $1 billion on a polluting plant that will only produce power on a few peak demand days, the province should do everything possible to save costs through conservation and energy efficiency.- Peter Tabuns, Energy and Environment Critic, Ontario NDP, Queen's Park


The Toronto Star Opinion Article: Re: Is Oakville's gas power plant too close to its neighbours? "Gas plant risks are unacceptable" 

Excerpt: "Doug MacKenzie's piece should be a wake-up call for all of us. Having a provincial agency, the Ontario Power Authority, responsible for ensuring power needs are met but with no regard for citizens' health and safety, is not only absurd but totally irresponsible." Click here to read more.


The Toronto Star Op-Ed: Why is Oakville's new power plant so close to residents?  

Excerpt: "The site chosen for the proposed new Oakville gas power plant raises questions that should concern all Ontarians."  


Click here to read the entire article.

The new Portlands Energy Centre, above, is smaller than the gas-fired plant proposed for Oakville but is much further away from residential land.




CHCH News on the Power Plant

Below is a video of an interview with Premier McGuinty on CHCH television about the Oakville power plant.


The highlights are as follows:


Premier: "We have decided, working with our power partners, that we need to put new generation in that particular community, we've gone with the gas fired plant ... it's the latest technology ... and you know, I think the people of Oakville are entitled to continue to express their concerns. "


Reporter: "So it's going to happen no matter what?"


Premier: "Well, you know, we just believe that after all the work that we have done that this is the best thing that we can do."


Please view the video and draw your own conclusions. In my opinion, the Premier's statements appear to show a total disregard for the process his government follows for making investment decisions of this magnitude and impact.


• The environmental review currently underway has not been finalized. While we strongly believe that a company who has been awarded a $1.2 billion contract should not be conducting their own self assessment, the process needs to be completed and the MOE needs to review the output and make their decisions.

• In 2009, the Premier announced a one person Air Quality Task Force to address "how to improve local air quality in the Clarkson-Oakville Airshed...”. The final report is to be completed by the end of June 2010.

• The Town of Oakville currently has a bylaw that bans the construction or expansion of power plants with a capacity greater than 10-megawatts pending the completion of a detailed study outlining where such power plants can best be accommodated. This work has not been completed.

• The Oakville Fire department works with related emergency service agencies to make sure there are immediate and prepared responses for situations that constitute danger of major proportion. The Oakville Fire Chief is waiting for more information from TransCanada. This work has not been completed.


04/01/10 Oakville Beaver Opinion Column: Mayor responds to Ontario Power Authority letter
Excerpt: "The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) doesn’t understand why so many of us are disappointed with the way it conducted its process to select TransCanada’s site in Oakville for the southwest GTA power plant." Click here to read more. 


Toronto Star Opinion Column: MPP Kevin Flynn takes on Oakville gas plant 

Excerpt: "Kevin Flynn is not a ghoul. Not at all. Even so, the Liberal MPP from Oakville is as interested lately in industrial calamity as storm-chasers are in tornados." Click here to read more.


This column gives us the opening to fire in letters to the editor in support of Flynn's Bill making our key points about safety, proximity and the fact that this site wasn't even TransCanada's first choice. This plus a line saying something like it's not too late for the Premier to change his mind and take a sober second look, find a better location, would make an ideal letter to the editor. The shorter and pithier the better the chance it will be printed. Include a phone number as the paper will contact you for permission to print your letter (even though you submit it, they seek verification you are the author).


If you have a few minutes this weekend, please fire off a brief letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask a friend or neighbour to do so.

Repetition of the following messages would be helpful:


  • -This location makes no sense for a 945-megawatt gas-fired energy plant.

- It’s too close. The nearest office building is less than 65 metres away.
- This wasn't even TransCanada's first choice for a location. So why was it chosen?
- There isn’t enough space. The Oakville location is less than 15 acres or 1/10th the size of the Middletown site, yet the proposed OGS plant is 50% larger. The impact of an accidental explosion or train derailment would be devastating.
-It sets a bad precedent. No other plant has this kind of density within one kilometre. Existing plants all have buffer zones of 1.25 km (Toronto – Portlands Energy Centre) or greater.
- It’s bad for our children’s health. A gas plant is a fossil fuel burning plant that will emit thousands of tons of toxins into a region with the highest youth asthma rates in the province.
- The air shed is already over-polluted. Federal and provincial environment studies show that the community's air is already dangerously over polluted.
- It affects the whole community. Within less than 3 km are five senior citizens retirement homes, eight day care and early learning centres, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and the Town Hall.
-There is no rush to proceed. Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) forecasts say there is ample existing power capacity for the next several years.
- Mr. Premier, there is widespread opposition to this plant from all levels of government and organizations across the region. You still have time to do the right thing.


03/31/10 Town of Oakville News Release: Mayor concerned about train derailments next to proposed power plant

Excerpt: "In light of the derailment of a CN train in Pickering yesterday, Mayor Burton renewed his call for further assessment of the possibility of accidents resulting from the proposed TransCanada power plant being constructed seven metres from a major rail corridor used by CN and GO Transit."Click here to read the entire news release.

CTV News: Train derailment affected Lakeshore East commute
An eastbound CN train derailed near the Pickering GO train station, and it delayed the afternoon commute on the Lakeshore East line. Click here to read the rest of the story.
03/30/10 Town of Oakville News Release: Town to defend its interim control by-law against TransCanada court actions
Excerpt: "The town will defend its interim control by-law against TransCanada Energy's latest court action, which seeks an order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice enabling TransCanada to move forward with its plans to build a 900 megawatt power plant at 1500 Royal Windsor Drive, despite the by-law's prohibitions."


Click here to read the entire release.

03/30/10 Oakville Beaver Article: Interim bylaw extension prompts legal action by TransCanada
Excerpt: "Fresh legal action from TransCanada failed to keep Town councillors from voting to extend an interim control bylaw, which is threatening to hold up construction of the 900-megawatt gas-fired power plant proposed for the Ford-owned lands of 1500 Royal Windsor Dr." Click here to read more.
Town of Oakville News Release: "Town's interim control by-law extended to complete land use policy study on power generation facilities"
Excerpt: "Oakville Council approved the extension of the town's interim control by-law prohibiting power generation facilities with a generating capacity greater than or equal to 10 megawatts from being built in Oakville." Click here to read the rest of the news release.


Interim Control Bylaw Extended for One Year---Town of Oakville, Planning and Development Council Meeting (March 29, 2010)
Agenda Item 6 Excerpt: "That By-law 2010-065, a by-law to extend Interim Control By-law 2009‑065 respecting the location of power generating facilities in Oakville be passed." The bylaw was extended to March 29, 2011. Click here to read more. 


Orangeville Citizen Editorial: Even 'Green' Projects are in Trouble

Excerpt: "These days, it seems just about every imaginable large-scale project is in trouble with its potential neighbours, even when the projects are at least relatively ‘green.'" Click here to read more.


03/26/10 Oakville Beaver Guest Column: Mayor explains disappointment with OPA choice

Excerpt: "The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) doesn’t understand why so many of us are disappointed with the way it conducted its process to select TransCanada’s site in Oakville for the southwest GTA power plant." Click here to read more.


03/26/2010: The Oakville Beaver "Prime Minister Passes the Torch on Mayor’s Request"

Excerpt: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper has declined an invitation, put forward by Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, to meet and discuss the mayor’s concerns regarding the proposed 900-megawatt gas-fired TransCanada power plant’s close proximity to rail lines." Click here to read the entire article.


Letter from Mayor Rob Burton to the Prime Minister (February 12, 2010): Click here to read the letter. 


Letter from the Office of the Prime Minister to Mayor Rob Burton (February 26, 2010): Click here to read the letter.


Separation Distances for Natural Gas Power Plants Act, 2010
Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn introduced a private members bill to the Ontario Legislature on March 22, 2010. The Bill passed first reading and will be debated in April. Click here to read the bill.


03/25/10: InsideHalton "MPP Flynn fights for separation"

Excerpt: "Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn introduced a private member’s bill, called the Separation Distances for Natural Gas Power Plants Act, 2010, into the Ontario Legislature today that is designed to protect the health and safety of Ontario residents." Click here to read the entire article.

03/24/10: Oakville Beaver "Flynn Wants Minimum 1,500 Metres Between Homes and Power Plants"

Excerpt: "Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn has introduced a private member’s bill that, if passed, will make it impossible for TransCanada to build a 900- megawatt gas-fired power plant on the Ford-owned lands of 1500 Royal Windsor Dr." Click here to read more.



03/23/10: C4CA News Release: "Citizens for Clean Air Joins Celebration of Earth Hour"

Click here to read the news release.


03/22/10: Statement from MPP Kevin Flynn "Introduction of Private Members Bill"

Excerpt: "Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn introduced a private members bill called the Separation Distances for Natural Gas Power Plants Act, 2010 into the Ontario Legislature today that is designed to protect the health and safety of Ontario residents." Click here to read more.


03/20/10: The Hamilton Spectator "Gas generation, communities shouldn't mix"

Excerpt: "Last month, more than 200 construction workers lined King Street in Hamilton to honour a fallen brother. Roy Rushton, 36, of Hamilton, was killed Feb. 7 along with five other workers when the Kleen Energy Systems gas-fired energy plant where they were working exploded in Middletown, Conn."  Click here to read more.


The Hamilton Spectator published an article by C4CA's Doug MacKenzie about why the proposed Oakville power plant should be stopped. As a C4CA supporter, we encourage you to add your voice and send the Spectator a letter to the editor in support of our position. You can email your letter to the editor to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to include your full name and telephone number as they often need to phone to check. Thanks for your support!


03/19/10: News Release from Kevin Flynn "MPP Flynn to Appeal OPA's Lack of Transperancy"

Excerpt: ""Flynn will introduce his Private Members' Bill next week that proposes a significant setback distance for natural gas power plants that have not received all municipal, provincial or federal permits." Click here to read the news release.


Committee of Adjustment Update:  There has been another victory on the path to stop the power plant. The Committee of Adjustment turned down Ford's application for severance and TransCanada's application for minor variances. Click here to read more. The fight to stop the power plant stays focused on the province.


Committee of Adjustment News Coverage


-680 News: "Power plant plans in Oakville put on hold"
Excerpt: "Plans to build a 900-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant on the edge of Oakville has been put on hold." Click here to read the entire article.


-Globe and Mail: "Oakville temporarily blocks building of gas-fired power plant"
Excerpt: "Oakville has temporarily blocked TransCanada Energy's plan to build a 900-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant next to the Ford car plant on the edge of the town." Click here to read more.



03/10/10: The Oakville Beaver: "Ford tops list of 14 companies that fail Oakville’s air quality bylaw"
Excerpt: "According to the Province’s National Pollution Release Inventory (NPRI), 14 Oakville industries would be considered major emitters under the Town’s new Health Protection Air Quality Bylaw." Click here to read more.


The Weather Network Oakville Generating Station Series

 The Weather Network has produced a five part series on the Oakville Generating Station which will run Monday March 8th until Friday March 12th. A new story will run everyday. Please tune in to Weather News every :12 and :42 past the hour. If you miss any of the stories, they will appear the following week (March 15th) on their official website -


Queen's Park Rally Video

{qtube vid:=YiRcuo_UZQM w:=400}


C4CA Ad in the March 2nd Toronto Star

Click here to view the ad.


Committee of Adjustment on March 9th at Town Council Chambers


There is a Committee of Adjustment at 7:00 PM March 9th in Town Council Chambers. This is a technical meeting and lots of people will help. There should also be a number of speakers and the Town suggested one per Residents Association. It is a very technical meeting and there are only four key criteria that the Committee of Adjustment measures everything against;


1. Does application maintain the general intent and purpose of the Official Plan?
2. Does application maintain the general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law?
3. Is the variance desirable for the appropriate development of the land?
4. Is the variance application minor?


If the Committee decides the application does not meet one of the four criteria listed above, it will not be approved.


Ford is asking for a consent to sever and convey a parcel of land at 1500 Royal Windsor Drive with a concurrent application to permit two minor variances both submissions are to permit the construction of a Power Generating Facility. The details of request can be found at


C4CA will be presenting some objections and also will have guidance from lawyers which will be provided to people prepared to speak or further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Court Decision Rules Against TransCanada Pipelines Limited

Click here to read more.


The following are a number of candid photos taken during the Rally at Queen's Park in Toronto Tuesday March 2, 2010.
Please click on the link to view the photo.


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7 

Photo 8

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Photo 10

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Photo 12

Photo 13

Photo 14

Photo 15

Photo 16


Rally at Queen's Park News Coverage
Click on the link to read the story.


CTV Video: Click here to watch.


The Globe and Mail: "Protesters demand Ontario cancel plans for natural gas plant"


London Free Press: "Protesters fume over plant"


National Post: "Residents rally against Oakville gas-fired plant"


CBC: "Protesters opposed to power plants rally at Queen's Park"


680 News: "Oakville and Mississauga residents rally against building of power plant"


Toronto Observer: "Power plant fuels protest at Queen’s Park"


City TV: "Residents Protest Oakville Power Plant At Queen’s Park"


Toronto Sun: "Rally aimed to douse Ontario power plant plan


Canada Newswire: "Regulation to Ensure Safer Power Plants Needed in Ontario, Representatives from All Levels of Government Say"

                             "Protestors Rally for Safe, Clean Energy"


Oakville Beaver: "Queen’s Park power plant protest organizers rallying for support"

                           "Two thousand join protest"


Toronto Star: "Protesters rally over Oakville gas-plant plan"




Wall Street Journal: "Deadly Blast Hits Connecticut Plant"

Click here to read the article.


Comments about the Middletown, Conn. Explosion


MIDDLETOWN, Conn.—An explosion rocked a natural-gas power plant Sunday in Middletown, Conn., sending earthquake-like shock waves miles away

"It honestly felt like my whole house had exploded," said Daniela Esposito, who lives just more than a mile from the plant with her husband and young child. "It was very loud, and things were falling off the shelves. It was one of the scariest things I've experienced."

"We're taking the building apart piece by piece," Mr. Santostefano said, adding that he lived about five miles from the site and felt the explosion's impact. "We're waiting to see if there are more fatalities." He said potential survivors would be "buried in rubble."

William Reiner, a supervisory special agent in the FBI's New Haven, Conn., office, who said
he felt the force of the blast while driving about 20 miles away from the plant site.

These next two comments are very insightful as there seems to be a general undertone to the article that it is fortunate that there was nothing close by:

The explosion was confined to one building in an area known as the "power block," he said.The closest residences are a mile away.


At 11:25 a.m., the explosion ripped through the Kleen Energy Systems LLC natural-gas power plant being built here in a sparse industrial area along the bank of the Connecticut River.


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680 News:


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Associated Press Video:





02/26/10: 680 News "Oakville's mayor lashes out at Ford for supporting power plant"
Excerpt: "Ford Canada may be one of Oakville's biggest employers and biggest taxpayers, but that's not enough to stop the town's mayor from lashing out at the automaker." Click here to read more.


02/24/10: Eye on Sheridan Report by Cristina Carpio

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02/24/10: Toronto Star: "Slow economy leaves Ontario ample power"
Excerpt: "Electricity demand will barely grow this year, despite talk of an economic recovery, leaving Ontario with more than enough power to keep its homes and businesses humming over the next two summers." Click here to read more.


02/24/10: Oakville Beaver: "MPP starts petition against power plant"

Excerpt: "Halton MPP Ted Chudleigh has launched a petition, which he has read into the record at Queen’s Park, calling for the McGuinty government to reconsider the decision to build a gas-fired power station on Royal Windsor Drive." Click here to read more.


02/23/10: Letter From Premier Dalton McGuinty to Mayor Rob Burton

Click here to view the letter.



Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA)
Invites You to An
Oakville Power Plant Information Night

Wednesday, February 24 at 7 pm
River Oaks Community Church - 2435 Munns Avenue


Learn about the 900MW natural gas-fired power plant the Ontario
Government proposes building in Oakville.

Find out more about how you can become involved!

Please click here to read the Oakville Power Plant Information Night flyer!


02/18/10: North Oakville Today "The Fight Moves North"
Excerpt: "The fight against the proposed gas-fired power plant in South-east Oakville is moving North as Councillor Jeff Knoll asks residents to join the battle." Please click here to read more.


02/17/10: Oakville Beaver "Standing Firm"
Excerpt: While Burlington debates how to protect the endangered Jefferson Salamander from a major road-widening project, we here in Oakville are battling to protect the very welfare of our residents. Click here to read more. 


02/12/10: Oakville Beaver "Power Plant Opponents will March on Queen’s Park"
Excerpt: "The residents’ group Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) is asking all Oakville residents to join them in a Tuesday, March 2, rally at Queen’s Park against the 900-megawatt gas-fired power plant proposed for the Ford-owned lands of 1500 Royal Windsor Dr." Click here to read more.


02/12/10: Oakville Beaver "TransCanada Would Be A Major Emitter"

Excerpt: "TransCanada broke its silence on the Town’s recently passed Health Protection Air Quality Bylaw, during its Wednesday night open house, noting that under the legislation its proposed 900-megawatt gas-fired power plant would be considered a major emitter of pollutants." Please click here to read more.


02/11/10: Town of Oakville, Office of the Mayor News Release-- Mayor Burton invites Minister Duguid to tour proposed power plant site

Excerpt: "Mayor Rob Burton invited the Honourable Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, to join him and Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn for a personally guided tour around the site of the proposed TransCanada power plant in Oakville." Please click here to read more...


02/10/10: Global News Toronto-- Video about Concerned Citizens in Oakville Fighting the Power Plant

Please click here to view the video.  The story starts at 14:53.


02/10/10: Oakville Beaver "Wake Up Call"

Excerpt: "In the aftermath of Sunday’s massive explosion of a 620-megawatt, gas-fired power plant in Middletown, Connecticut, perhaps it’s time the Provincial government and the Ontario Power Authority reconsidered the wisdom of locating an even larger power plant in Oakville." Click here to read more.


02/10/10: C4CA News Release: C4CA Calls for Moratorium on Proposed Oakville 945-Megawatt Gas-Fired Power Plant

Excerpt: "Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) today called on Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to implement an immediate moratorium on the proposed Oakville Generating Station in the wake of an explosion in a 620-megawatt gas-fired plant in Middletown, Connecticut this past weekend." Click here to read more.


02/09/10: Letter from C4CA President to Harold Kvisle, President and CEO of TransCanada-- Re: Proposed Oakville Gas-Powered Electricity Generating Station ("Proposal")

Excerpt: "As you know, C4CA is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of key stakeholders with respect to the Proposal. C4CA's members are key stakeholders, as C4CA includes residents and representatives of the residents' associations throughout the area that would be most directly impacted by the Proposal." Click here to read the rest of the letter.


02/09/10: Toronto Star: U.S. power plant blast triggers fears in Oakville

Excerpt: "An Oakville citizens' group says the explosion at a 620-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Connecticut that killed five highlights the hazards of building a similar power station in their neighbourhood." Click here to read more...


02/09/10: Oakville Beaver: "Power plant explosion in U.S. heightens concerns over Oakville plant"

Excerpt: Sunday morning's massive explosion at a 620-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Middletown, Connecticut has been deeply felt in Oakville with residents and politicians alike asking the question 'could it happen here?' Click here to read more...


02/09/10: Town of Oakville, Office of the Mayor - News Release

Excerpt: "Mayor Rob Burton asked Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to reconsider plans for a proposed natural gas-fired power plant in Oakville after the explosion of a natural gas-fired plant in Connecticut on Sunday left at least five dead and more than a dozen injured." Click here to read more...


02/08/2010: WTNH: "Five dead in Middletown explosion"

Click here to watch a very detailed video about the power plant explosion that killed 5 people in Middletown, Connecticut on February 7th.


02/08/10: TransCanada Open Meeting on February 10, 2010



Wednesday Feb 10th
4:00 – 9:30 pm at Oakville Conference Centre
Please Plan to Attend at 7:00 pm
2515 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, ON L6L 6P8



TransCanada Energy will be in Oakville from 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm on Wednesday, February 10th at the Oakville Conference Centre. We understand that they will be highlighting their plans to push ahead with a 900 megawatt fossil fuel plant in east Oakville.

This is an important opportunity for you to let TransCanada and the Ontario Government know how you feel about their power plant proposal and process. The proposal has not received critical permits and approvals. It is not too late for you to make a big difference, and to communicate to TransCanada and the Ontario Government what you think of their plans.

It is important to make your views known! Come out and raise your many questions and concerns with TransCanada.

Safety is a critical question in light of the power plant explosion yesterday in Middletown, Connecticut.

Attend with your friends and neighbours!




02/07/10: CNN: "Some dead, at least 13 injured in Connecticut power plant blast"
"An explosion at an under-construction power plant rocked central Connecticut Sunday, killing some people and injuring at least 13, officials said." Please click here to read more...


02/03/2010: Queen's Park Rally--March 2, 2010
Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) is organizing a Rally at Queen's Park in Toronto to demonstrate against the proposed gas-fired power plant to be sited in the Oakville-Clarkson Airshed.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Location: Queen's Park (the Ontario Legislature) at 780 University Ave. north of Wellesley Ave. in Toronto.


Time: 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.


Further details will be posted once available

02/03/2010: C4CA Applauds Oakville's Air Quality Bylaw
      The Citizens for Clean Air whole-heartedly supports the Town of Oakville's Air Quality Bylaw, which was passed unanimously by the Oakville Town Council on February 1, 2010. The new bylaw makes Oakville the first municipality in Ontario to regulate fine particulate matter (FPM).
      Studies show that exposure to fine particulate matter has been associated with several serious health effects, including asthma, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. The new bylaw requires all businesses that emit fine particulate matter to report emission levels and it permits the Town to reject any new industrial emitters that are judged to have unacceptable impacts on the community.
      MPP Kevin Flynn has stated that this bylaw could have major consequences for the TransCanada power plant proposed for Oakville as the facility could be a major emitter of fine particulate matter.


 02/02/2010: Oakville Beaver- "Oakville Passes Air Quality Bylaw" 

Excerpt: "A new bylaw aimed at making Oakville's air easier to breathe has received unanimous approval from local politicians..." Click here to read the rest of the article...



BYLAW--Town of Oakville- "Health Protection Air Quality By-law"
Excerpt: "The purpose of the proposed Health Protection Air Quality By-law is to protect Oakville residents from the negative health effects of fine particulate matter (fine PM) by collecting information on fine PM emissions from facilities within Oakville and implementing regulatory controls for "major emitters" as defined in the by-law..." Click here to read more...


Letters From Concerned Citizens  

In the January 27th Toronto Star editorial entitled "Power Plant Perspective," the editors demonstrated a naive perspective of the TransCanada power plant issue. The Toronto Star's perspective is: "modern gas powered stations produce few emissions"....and why would residents be concerned when the power plants will " be operating less than 10 per cent of the time." Click here to read that article.

Click here read various letters that concerned citizens of the Oakville-Clarkson Airshed have written to the editor of the Toronto Star in response to the "Power Plant Perspective" editorial.


01/15/2010: Ministry of Environment Press Release- "Air Quality Task Force Establishes Community Advisory Committee" 
On November 24, 2009, the Minister of the Environment announced that Dr. David Balsillie will lead the development of a comprehensive Action Plan to reduce emissions from local industry, traffic, and residences in order to improve air quality in the Southwest Greater Toronto Area. Click here to read more...


01/11/2010: The Wall Street Journal- "Gas Pains: The Problems with a Gas-Fired Bridge to Clean Energy"
Natural gas is often seen as the “bridge fuel” to a clean-energy future—it’s abundant, reliable, and has about half the emissions of coal. Today, a couple of reminders of just how tricky it can be to really make that gas-powered energy revolution a reality. Click here to read more...


12/22/2009: "TransCanada Appeal to Divisional Court"
TransCanada Energy and Ford Motor Co. of Canada are seeking leave to appeal the Dec. 4, 2009 OMB Decision in the matter of Case PL090414 which upheld Oakville's Interim Control By-law 2009-065 and gave support to municipal rights in the matter of location of power plants. Click here to read more...


12/22/2009: "New By-law to Control Major Emissions of Fine PM Goes to Public Review"

A proposed by-law to assess and control major emissions of fine particulate matter (fine PM) in Oakville was released for public review and comment by Oakville Town Council at today's special meeting. Click here to read more...


12/15/2009: "Town Requests New Provincial Regulation for Airborne Fine Particulate Matter"

The Corporation of the Town of Oakville has filed an application with the Ontario government under the Environmental Bill of Rights asking the government to institute a new regulation under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) - or a new air pollution act if need be - that effectively regulates the emissions of airborne fine particulate matter (fine PM) to protect communities from adverse health effects. Click here to read more... 


12/11/2009: Oakville Beaver: "C4CA Turns Up the Heat on Power Plant"
It just doesn’t make sense. This was the new campaign slogan unveiled by Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA), Wednesday night, as they prepared to step up their fight against a 900- megawatt gas-fired power plant proposed for the Ford-owned lands of 1500 Royal Windsor Dr.... Click here to read more...


12/10/2009: Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA): Press Release


As world leaders and environmental experts meet at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week, Oakville group Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) is urging fellow Ontarians and government policy makers to think locally, and reconsider the proposed placement of a private natural gas power plant to be built by TransCanada Energy...Click here to read more.


12/10/2009: Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA): Ad:  Click here to view the ad.


11/27/2009: Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA): Ad in Oakville Beaver
Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) is compelled to respond to the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) November 20 open letter to Oakville residents and also the recent door to door flyer distributed by TransCanada across Oakville...
   Click here to read more. 


11/26/2009: Oakville Beaver: "Residents Protest Private Power Plant Meeting"

Around 20 protesters briefly breached a restricted TransCanada meeting, Tuesday night, calling on those inside to halt plans to construct a 900-megawatt gas-fired power plant planned for the Ford-owned lands of 1500 Royal Windsor Dr.  Click here  to read more.


11/13/2009:  Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA): 2-page ad in Oakville Beaver 

"An Open Letter ... re proposed Oakville Gas Fired Plant" Click here to read more.


11/13/2009:  C4CA News Release

Liberal MPP’s Proposed Law Separating Power Plants and Homes is Endorsed - Citizens for Clean Air Commends MPP Kevin Flynn for his Leadership Role Click here to read more.


11/13/2009: C4CA filed Freedom on Information Requests  Click here to read more.


11/4/2009:  Weather Network coverage of OTHS student rally Click here to view.